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Pipemech Awarded 4th Compressor Station By Thiess / QCLNG

25 Feb 2014 4:00 PMLicensee Person
Pipemech Awarded 4th Compressor Station By Thiess / QCLNG

Pipemech’s outstanding performance to date at Matilda John, Kate and McNulty Field Compressor stations has been acknoweldged by the award of a 4th compressor station to them by Thiess under the QCLNG project.

This latest award of work strengthens Pipemech’s ‘Constructor of Choice’ position with Thiess and QCLNG.

Pipemech will commence mobilistion to the 4th FCS in early March with its highly skilled team from the Matilda John FCS which has recently achieved Mechancial Completion.

Pipemech’s General Manager Simon Ahearn said ‘the award of the latest FCS to Pipemech is testiment to the fantastic team and work ethic Pipemech has. Our Safety performance and ability to ‘deliver’ for Clients is a linch pin in the award of this latest scope fo work to Pipemech’.