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Becoming Bi-Directional: SWQP Reconfiguration

9 Jul 2014 12:00 AMLicensee Person
Becoming Bi-Directional: SWQP Reconfiguration

Pipemech's Shutdown Success at the APA Eastern Haul Project, allows Gas to move seamlessly across four Australian States and the ACT!

Further to the Pipemech news ‘Shutdown Success at APA Project’ posted in February, the full story behind the South West Queensland Pipeline (SWQP) reconfiguration is included in this quarter’s edition of the APIA Pipeliner magazine.

Pipemech’s successful shutdown and project completion at Scraper Station 4 on the Eastern Haul Project, was an integral part of the completion of ‘a linchpin asset', creating a 7,000 km gas pipeline grid, transforming the eastern Australian gas market, allowing gas to move seamlessly across four states and the Australian Capital Territory under a single transportation contract.’

Read the full story including background to the project, project overview, contracting strategy, engineering and construction considerations, history of SWQP and challenges faced on the project in the APIA Pipelner magazine pages 152 to 155: